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OK, I'll try not to rattle on tooo long , but I do have lots of space here so if I get too long winded, I'm sure you know how to get rid of me.

First let's get the mental picture out of the way. I'm 5'3" and 105 pounds. Blondish hair, in varying shades, brown eyes and freckles. I was born in 1951. By the way, there's another Dixie Rose on the net....that ain't me. More than you wanted to know already?!? Well, I won't make you read through every day of all those years.

I grew up the daughter of a livestock dealer so we always had cows and horses around. I gotta tell you my most vivid childhood memory. (Well the one besides the time the horse ran away and threw me into the barbed wire fence.) When I was about eight, we had an old vacant house at the back of our property. There was a doorway at either end of the old house and it was a straight shot from one to the other. No doors left, just doorways. That was where I spent a lot of my time playing. One day when playtime was over (guess I got hungry or something) I went to one of the doors to leave and right in front of the door stood the biggest old cow I had ever seen. I tried to shooo her away so I could get out but she just wouldn't move. I ran through the old two room house to the other door and I don't know how that cow was so fast, but she had run around the house and low and behold, there was that fat old cow standing right smack in front of the door bawling at me. I screamed for Mother, but she was at the house and it was too far for her to hear me. I kept running back and forth from one door to the other screaming as loud as I could and every time I got to a door, there stood that bawling cow. I don't know how many times I ran through that old house,stopping at the doors, waving my arms, stomping my feet, screaming and crying, but it seemed to last an eternity. (Sort of like this story, ya know.) Mother finally came to see what all the screaming and bawling was about. If she hadn't come out and rescued me I guess to this day I would STILL be running through that old house trying to get out. Or I don't know, maybe I would have finally run the cow to death. Who's to say?

I've been married to the same person since I was 16. Billy was 21 and in the Army when we met. He had two weeks left at home before he had to return to Germany and at the end of that two weeks, we were engaged. A month later he came back home because he had received orders to serve in Viet Nam. We got married and three weeks later he went to Viet Nam, where he spent the first year of our marriage.

The first thing we did when Billy came home was to buy a 65 Mustang, which we drove to death, then later we fixed it up for our oldest son who pretty much finished it off, but it's still here, JUST in case there's enough of it left over to fix up for the youngest son.

About a year after Billy returned home from VietNam and we began our life together, we bought a little house in the country about a mile and a half from where I grew up. (That would be in Arkansas, by the way.) Three years after that, Dewayne was born. Then eight years later, Dustin came along. Two kids, so throughout the years, we've made two additions to the house.

Besides the 2 kids there are also 2 dogs, 2 birds, and two tanks full of fish residing here.(Noooo cows!) You just missed out on a GREAT iguana deal. You could have had Bruno and all his belongings free of charge. Sorry, that deal went down about two weeks ago.I have one brother and one sister, both older, who together, own exotic animals, such as wallibies, emus, all kinds of antalopes, even a couple of zebras. That's really great because I get to enjoy them with none of the work or expense.

Billy never knows what he will come home to find me doing. I have lots of flowers in the yard and I enjoy that kind of thing. I spend a tremendous amount of time right here in this chair in front of the computer. But if you've read this far, you must be pretty hooked on the net too, so you understand about that part of my meager existance.

I kept telling Billy last spring that I was going to remodel the kitchen. He really didn't believe me until the day he came home from work and found all the cabinets laying in pieces in the back yard. Then he took on a little more serious tone. His first question was "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!!". That's what tipped me off that he hadn't really believed me.

Anyway I designed the cabinets and built (in a completely new layout) and finished them myself and I hung the new wall paper. Billy did the flooring, plumbing and electrical work. So after two months of starving because NO ONE was doing ANY cooking in my new kitchen until the finish was on the cabinets, we have a beautiful (if I do say so myself) new kitchen and the only injury sustained was fixed by five stitches where a board fell from about seven feet above me and landed on it's edge on top of my head.

When that little chore was finished, I decided it was time to find something a little calmer to occupy my time, thus, the internet. But I'm starting to get a little stiff from all the time spent in this chair, so I think it's time all the bathroom cabinets have a make-over.

So, the moral of this story is~~If you've waved and stomped and screamed at the old cow and she just won't get out of the way, leave her alone, keep her around and maybe she will finally do something constructive after all.


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